What is FIFA ?

What is FIFA ?

The world’s most renowned competition. The FIFA Men’s World CupTM is held every four years, and 32 nations compete for the trophy. It draws fans together around the enthusiasm and love for the game, with continental qualification processes building to an exciting finals event.

26th November match

Lionel Messi  scored the game-winning goal against Mexico in Group C of the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Saturday night (November 26), keeping Argentina’s chances alive in the tournament. Messi scored in the 64th minute of the game to give Argentina a 1-0 lead, until Enzo Fernandez scored the game-winning goal in the last minutes. Argentina’s campaign would have been over if they had lost this match.

Argentina is currently on the verge of being eliminated from the FIFA World Cup 2022 due to their failure in the tournament opener. Argentina’s next game is against Mexico on Saturday (Sunday IST), and if they lose again, they would be eliminated from the FIFA World Cup. Because a loss would leave them with 0 points after two games, while Mexico’s opponent on Saturday would have 4.

Poland and Saudi Arabia are the other two teams in Group C, and they will face off in their second Group C encounter on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. IST. The Saudis have three points after beating Argentina, and if they win again on Saturday, they will have six, confirming their spot in the Round of 16. If they lose, their fate will be determined by the outcome of their last game against Mexico. In the case of a tie, they will be awarded four points.


FIFA, the International Football Association, was founded in 1904 and organised the football competition at the Antwerp 1920 Olympics, which was recognised as an intercontinental competition.

1930 :

This cleared the way for the inaugural FIFA World Cup, which took place in 1930. Uruguay was celebrating its 100th year of independence and had previously won gold in the Olympics in 1924 and 1928.

Uruguay went on to win the World Cup at home as well, defeating Argentina 4-2 in the final to become the first FIFA World Cup winners.

1934 – 1938:

Italy went on to win the following two FIFA World Cups, in 1934 and 1938, becoming the first country to do it.

1950 :

Uruguay won their second World Cup in 1950.


It’s time for West Germany . West Germany won their first in 1954.

1958  – 1962 :

Brazil won its first title in 1958, with the 17-year-old Pele, who would go on to become a legend, scoring six goals. Brazil won the medal after defeating hosts Sweden 5-2 in the final. Brazil successfully defended their championship in 1962.


England will go on to win their first and only FIFA World Cup championship in 1966. Geoff Hurst of England scored three goals in England’s 4-2 victory over West Germany, making him the only man to score a hat-trick in a FIFA World Cup final.

 1970 :

In 1970, Pele and Brazil won their third World Cup. Pele holds the record for most World Cups won by an individual player, with three. Brazil’s most recent World Cup victory occurred in 2002.

1974 :

 In  1974  West Germany won the match  and The Netherlands  was the runners-up


1978 :

Argentina won their  first match  in 1978

1982 :  Again  Italy was the lucky team to win that  cup in 1982 .


Argentina was the winner  in  1986   and the runners-up   was  West Germany

1990 :

After several failures the West Germany   took the  cup in 1990   when  Argentina was the runners-up .

1994 :

In 1994 FIFA  Brazil took the winners cup  and   Italy   was  runners-up


 in 1998, contemporary football powerhouse France, captained by Didier Deschamps, defeated Brazil in the final to capture their first title on home soil.


Again  Brazil  took the    Worldcup   in  2002  . runners-up was  Germany

 2006 :

In  the year of  2006  Italy   again  took their   4th   worldcup . at that time  France took the runners-up

 2010 :

In  2010   Spain wins their   first FIFA worldcup . Runners-up goes to  The Netherlands

2014 :

In the year of 2014  the Germany again took the FIFA  World cup from the hand of  Argentina  who took the Runners-up . Miroslav Klose of Germany is the all-time leading scorer in FIFA World Cups, with 16 goals from 2002 to 2014.

2018 :

In 2018   France  won   their second  FIFA  World cup . Croatia took the runners-up

Didier Deschamps was the manager of France’s World Cup-winning squad in 2018, making him the first person to win the trophy both as a player and as a manager.

2022 : Going on ……..

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FIFA WORLDCUP 2022 will be the 22nd FIFA World Cup and is being  be played by the men’s national teams of FIFA’s member associations. The event runs from November 20 , 2022, in Qatar.
It will be played till  18th of December 2022.FIFA WORLDCUP

This is the last event with 32 teams, in 2026 the number of teams   will be increased to  48 . The event will take place in eight locations spread over five cities. This World Cup is being staged in November and December due to Qatar’s extreme summer heat and humidity.  It is being played over the course of 29 days. Qatar and Ecuador played their first match at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. Qatar fell 2-0 in their World Cup debut, becoming the first host nation to lose their first game.  The final will take place on December 18, 2022 . Know the Schedule . Read more


The Groups


  • Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands
  • Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales
  • Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
  • Group D: France, Australia, Denmark, Tunisia
  • Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, Japan
  • Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia
  • Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon
  • Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

FIFA WORLDCUP 2022 Schedule

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule
Sunday, November 20Group A: Qatar –vs– Ecuador – 9:30 PM IST
Monday, November 21Group B: England –vs– Iran – 6:30 PM IST
Group A: Senegal –vs– Netherlands – 9:30 PM IST
Tuesday, November 22Group B: United States –vs– Wales – 12:30 AM IST
Group C: Argentina –vs– Saudi Arabia – 3:30 PM IST
Group D: Denmark –vs– Tunisia – 6:30 PM IST
Group C: Mexico –vs– Poland – 9:30 PM IST
Wednesday, November 23Group D: France –vs– Australia – 12:30 AM IST
Group F: Morocco –vs– Croatia – 3:30 PM IST
Group E: Germany –vs– Japan – 6:30 PM IST
Group E: Spain –vs– Costa Rica – 9:30 PM IST
Thursday, November 24Group F: Belgium –vs– Canada – 12:30 AM IST
Group G: Switzerland –vs– Cameroon – 3:30 PM IST
Group H: Uruguay –vs– South Korea – 6:30 PM IST
Group H: Portugal –vs– Ghana – 9:30 PM IST
Friday, November 25Group G: Brazil –vs– Serbia – 12:30 AM IST
Group B: Wales –vs– IR Iran – 3:30 PM IST
Group A: Qatar –vs– Senegal – 6:30 PM IST
Group A: Netherlands –vs– Ecuador – 9:30 PM IST
Saturday, November 26Group B: England –vs– United States – 12:30 AM IST
Group D: Tunisia –vs– Australia – 3:30 PM IST
Group C: Poland –vs– Saudi Arabia – 6:30 PM IST
Group D: France –vs– Denmark – 9:30 PM IST
Sunday, November 27Group C: Argentina –vs– Mexico – 12:30 AM IST
Group E: Japan –vs– Costa Rica – 3:30 PM IST
Group F: Belgium –vs– Morocco – 6:30 PM IST
Group F: Croatia –vs– Canada – 9:30 PM IST
Monday, November 28Group E: Spain –vs– Germany – 12:30 AM IST
Group G: Cameroon –vs– Serbia – 3:30 PM IST
Group H: South Korea –vs– Ghana – 6:30 PM IST
Group G: Brazil –vs– Switzerland – 9:30 PM IST
Tuesday, November 29Group H: Portugal –vs– Uruguay – 12:30 AM IST
Group A: Netherlands –vs– Qatar – 8:30 PM IST
Group A: Ecuador –vs– Senegal – 8:30 PM IST
Wednesday, November 30Group B: Wales –vs– England – 12:30 AM IST
Group B: IR Iran –vs– United States – 12:30 AM IST
Group D: Tunisia –vs– France – 8:30 PM IST
Group D: Australia –vs– Denmark – 8:30 PM IST
Thursday, December 1Group C: Poland –vs– Argentina – 12:30 AM IST
Group C: Saudi Arabia –vs– Mexico – 12:30 AM IST
Group F: Croatia –vs– Belgium – 8:30 PM IST
Group F: Canada –vs– Morocco – 8:30 PM IST
Friday, December 2Group E: Japan –vs– Spain – 12:30 AM IST
Group E: Costa Rica –vs– Germany – 12:30 AM IST
Group H: South Korea –vs– Portugal – 8:30 PM IST
Group H: Ghana –vs– Uruguay – 8:30 PM IST
Saturday, December 3Group G: Cameroon –vs– Brazil – 12:30 AM IST
Group G: Serbia –vs– Switzerland – 12:30 AM IST

FIFA World Cup 2022

Schedule Round of 16 in Indian Time

FIFA WORLDCUP 2022 – Round of 16
Saturday, December 3Group A winner –vs– Group B runners-up – 8.30 PM IST
Sunday, December 4 Group C winner –vs– Group D runners-up – 12.30 AM IST
Group D winner –vs– Group C runners-up – 8.30 PM IST
Monday, December 5 Group B winner –vs– Group A runners-up – 12.30 AM IST
Group E winner –vs– Group F runners-up – 8.30 PM IST
Tuesday, December 6 Group G winner –vs– Group H runners-up – 12.30 AM IST
Group F winner –vs– Group E runners-up – 8.30 PM IST
Wednesday, December 7 Group H winner –vs– Group G runners-up – 12.30 AM IST

FIFA WORLDCUP 2022 Schedule for Quarter Final

FIFA World Cup 2022  Quarter Final Schedule

FIFA WORLDCUP 2022 Quarter Finals are set on December 9th. The quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held on 9, 10, and 11  of December. 

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule for Quarter Final
09th December, FridayQuarter-final 1 – 8.30 pm IST
10th December, SaturdayQuarter-final 2 – 12.30 am IST
Quarter-final 3 – 8.30 pm IST
11th December, SundayQuarter-final 4 – 12.30 am IST
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